La quintessenza del territorio
Medieval arch entrance

Medieval arch entrance

The gate formerly called “Porta da Piedi” (now called Porta Levante), represented the main entrance to the fortified city from the east.
Unfortunately, no documents have been found certifying the construction date. Its origin is presumably located in the fourteenth century as shown by the analysis of the arch and the particular symbolism found on it.
The “Porta da Piedi” was a tower entrance probably equipped with a protruding apparatus with corbels, machicolations and battlements, which no longer exist. What remains, however, is the pointed arch typical of Gothic architecture widespread between the twelfth century and the mid-fourteenth century.
The original appearance of the door is unfortunately strongly altered by the additions, such as the eighteenth-century one of the lowered arch vault to allow the static forces of the bell tower of the church of Santa Maria da Piedi to be discharged, and by the restorations that have gone on over the centuries. .
We still find the iron hinges of the doors that in the past everyday at sunset the door was closed when the bells rang.