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Temple of blessed Peter of Mogliano

Temple of blessed Peter of Mogliano

In the 15th century in this area the victims of cholera were buried and a chapel was built dedicated to Virgin Mary. In the seventeenth century the chapel was widened and a large grave was created for the deceased affected by this disease.
The new temple took its name from Beato Pietro da Mogliano and decorated with paintings by Pierfrancesco Renulfus da Novara. It was called Madonna delle Scalelle or Pittura Grande by local people. In 1720 it was again enlarged and modified with decorations by the artist Mancini da Recanati and given to the local religious group named “Confraternita S. Nicolò” who would keep it for the future.
In 1920 for the events of the second centenary of the reconstruction and the fifth centenary of the birth of Beato Pietro it was total rebuilt on the basis of the project of the engineer Giuseppe Rossi from Fermo, thanks to the offers of Sebastiano Ferretti.
Outside, above the entrance, there is the inscription: “DULCE ET DECORUM EST PRO PATRIA MORI”. Inside, above the altar, a seventeenth-century painting can be admired, attributed to Vincenzo Latini, depicting Mary Immaculate with Beato Pietro da Mogliano; on the background you can see Mogliano as it appeared at the time. There are also plates with dedications and names of the Fallen under which a helmet, a water bottle and a bullet have been placed to symbolize the service offered by the soldiers dead in the war.