Saline Park - trekking and mountain biking

Saline Park – trekking and mountain biking

To accompany Citizens and Tourists in their discovery of the Saline Park of Penna San Giovanni.
Self-guided walking and cycling routes: download the map by scanning the QR Code or ask for it at the Info Points in the village.
Have a good time!
Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of walking and mountain biking through a network of evocative nature trails. A few minutes from the village you can see one of the most enchanting and certainly most characteristic places of Penna San Giovanni: the SALINE PARK, whose territory extends to the sources of the river that shares the same name, Salino. A splendid park with green lawns, lush aquatic vegetation, natural ponds, with special areas equipped for excellent picnics. Following the whispering noise of the water you can find the so-called “ALBERGO Gentilucci”, formerly a spa, as well as the old thermal water distribution plant. Above the Salino stream is the imposing bridge that rises over the original “wells” for salt extraction, the famous “Pozzo Poderoso”, so called for its dizzying depth.

Penna San Giovanni